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NOC Services


Commitment to Customer Service

FLTG is committed to behaviors that create a customer centric culture. Our customers are at the center of everything we do and we strive to exceed their expectations in ways that are meaningful to them. We partner with our customer and enable their success.

Best in industry Performance

Our goal is not to be OK, or above average, but to be the absolute best in the industry when it comes to supporting and servicing our customers. Our recruiting, training, and day to day operations are all designed with excellence in mind. We are a family owned and locally operated organization who cares about the community and the customers living and working along with us.

Commitment to Engineering

FLTG is committed to recruiting and retaining the best engineering talent in the industry. FLTG maintains a strong “bench” of Engineers by maintaining a program of continuous learning both through education, implementation, and repair. FLTG currently has 16 customer facing Engineers, and another 6 Core Network focused engineers who are available for customer engagements. With almost 3 MM in Engineering payroll and several hundred thousand in training and certification for Engineers, FLTG is very competitive.

On-going Technical Training

We solve issues directly with customers both in Customer Service and in our Network Operations Center. We staff our organization at the first level of support with well educated and well trained telecommunications professionals. We do classroom, hands-on, and field training for everyone in the organization as often as we can. There is an Engineering component to the NOC that is staffed and trained to remediate complex Cisco repair issues.

On-Going Customer Service Training

We understand that customers are not always contacting our support organization under ideal conditions and we provide on-going customer service training to help our team understand how to help customers in all situations. Our highly technical Engineering and Implementation staff are trained in customer service along with the team members who answer the phone and work most closely with our customers.

Tracking & Trending KPI’s

We measure success and we hold our team accountable. We back up our commitment to best in industry service by trending and managing to monthly key performance indicators including:

  • Average speed of answer under 20 seconds
  • Agent Availability & Talk Time greater than 80%
  • 88% of trouble tickets closed within our NOC directly
  • Truck Rolls under 10% (fix it remotely)
  • 4.5 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating on all trouble tickets and all projects on our Fiber Network
  • Technical Certification tracks for all Engineering staff
  • 62% of Cisco repair done within the NOC
  • Detailed tracking of outages identifying root cause and patterns
  • Training 10-12 formal training sessions per team member per year
  • Full service product bulletin support for all Cisco products

Up Time – Global

Core Network

  • .99996 ’13 & .99999 ’14
  • 100% ’15
  • 100% YTD ‘16

Voice Network

  • .99999 ‘13 & .99999 ’14
  • .99995 ’15
  • .99998 YTD ‘16

Transport Network

  • .99999 ’13 & .99996 ’14
  • 100% ’15
  • 100% YTD ‘16