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Monitoring Services


An affordable solution for monitoring your network and application performance. At Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc. (FLTG), we realize the success of your business depends heavily on the operation of your network. To ensure stability and functionality, it is critical to monitor your network continuously.

Our Monitoring Services enable organizations of all sizes to monitor, measure and analyze their mission critical data networks, network-based services and business applications through SolarWinds.


  • Complete enterprise-wide SNMP-based system monitoring solution
  • 100% web-based portal environment
  • Portal dashboard supports third-party product integration, personalization and branding
  • Deep monitoring of systems, applications, databases, network devices, network traffic and storage area networks
  • Easily configurable thresholds, notifications and escalation
  • Fully customizable reporting engine for graphing and trend analysis
  • Embedded asset management system
  • Document management for system administrators

FLTG’s Network Monitoring from SolarWinds is the simple solution for companies to quickly increase IT productivity, efficiently manage distributed systems, reduce downtime and generate value from the network. This enterprise-monitoring and management software application runs within a web-based portal environment, allowing administrators to view comprehensive performance statistics and graphs, as well as asset management information. This critical data also enables administrators to configure alerts and notifications, build and store system documentation, generate reports and much more.

SolarWinds web-based portals allow you to easily monitor your network from anywhere in the world, providing one of the most comprehensive performance management solutions for detailed troubleshooting, capacity planning and proactive service level management in the industry.

FLTG has recently improved our Solarwinds environment by adding Application Performance Monitoring, Virtualization Monitoring, IP SLA, IP Netflow, and Configuration Manager. These modules along with the Network Performance Monitor deliver a powerful combination of tools with a single sign in to a customizable customer portal!