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Health Care


At FLTG, we offer secure & reliable Health Care technology solutions. We have the network capacity and real-time data capabilities to meet the demands of new technologies and regulations. Our infrastructure is scalable and resilient leading to high-quality patient care and an increase in the overall efficiency of your organization.

The performance of medical technologies such as diagnostic imaging, electronic medical records (EMR), mobile health applications is critical. Many of these applications are becoming mainstream.

We specialize in building high-performance networks. Our Fiber Optic network, can connect Hospitals with clinics, patients, insurers, suppliers, and any critical partner needed to drive patient satisfaction. We understand the Health Care industry and what it takes to operate a leading health care organization.

At FLTG, our skilled team of engineers and project managers know how to implement complex network solutions that meet unique applications and network requirements. We’re committed to making this service and experience world class as you strive to provide the best patient care possible.