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At FLTG, we understand the importance of a fast reliable network when it comes to serving customers and running an automotive dealership. Speed. Service. Real-time network access. Our low-cost technology solutions are designed to do just that for any size dealership.

We specialize in building high-performance networks. Our Fiber Optic network provides a custom suite of wireless voice, data, and mobile technology collaboration. Solutions such as music on hold, overhead paging, guest wireless, mobile extenders, cabling for remodels, amplifiers, and more. All of this is possible through our network.

The collaboration between voice and data networks speeds up the client interaction and allows salespeople the mobile capacity to operate wherever the customers are. Centralized security, routing, data processing, inventory systems are all within our multi-site configuration. Our technology solutions have been designed with speed, accuracy, and service in mind.

Our skilled team of engineers and project managers know how to implement complex network solutions that meet the unique applications and network requirements of automotive dealerships. We’re committed to making this service and experience world class as you strive to increase your sales and provide the best customer experience possible.