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FLTG Announces Promotional Pricing on Wavelength Service

In an always connected society where more new content was created in the last two years than all previous years combined, enterprise and service providers require high-performance capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications as part of their day-to-day operations. Higher bandwidth services are needed by hospitals, medical centers, banks, financial institutions, etc. and every day more applications cross that threshold of needing larger pipes to transfer data.

At FLTG, we are pleased to be able to provide customers with the ability to meet those ever growing needs for bandwidth though the evolution of our fiber optic Wavelength services.  And while FLTG can offer wavelength at speeds up to 100Gb/S now, the unique properties of wavelengths provide additional benefits to customers. It is this abundance of bandwidth along with our unique footprint which runs diverse to the physical routes of most other carriers, that allows us to be ultra-competitive in our pricing.  In addition, because our network is constructed, managed and wholly owned by FLTG , we can install and light fiber extremely quickly.  So even if your requirement is Near-Net rather than On-Net, the chances are that we can get you there.   And even if it’s further away we will still consider building; so don’t count us out simply because of distance.  Our current fiber deployment record is 30 miles in 30 days and its getting shorter all the time; we therefore challenge you to find anyone faster, more thorough and more professional.

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